Thursday, September 10, 2009

August Showers, September Flowers

The post-speech polling is good. CNN instant polling has support for health care reform jumping from 53% to 67%. A Democracy Corps focus group of swing voters had support jumping from 46% to 66%, with the strong support : strong opposition numbers going from 2:26 to 28:8. We have Ben Nelson responding positively, which probably says more about Nelson's own policy preferences than about the speech, but since it's Nelson's preferences that govern the destiny of mankind I'm quite happy about that.

This, I think, is the downside of a death-panel-based Republican media strategy. Lying your ass off works pretty well when you're in power and the opposition doesn't get to put a charismatic leader on TV for a solid hour with everyone watching. You can sell a dumb war that way when you're in power and your numbers are good and your opponents are scared. But whatever icky feelings people got in August can be wiped clean by the president looking America in the eye and crisply laying out what he's actually going to do.
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