Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shorter Ross Douthat

If only Americans in general and Ted Kennedy in particular expressed more qualms about abortion than they already have, America would have fewer abortions and policies that gave poor women even worse access to family planning services than they already had ... AND A PONY.

One of the unfortunate consequences of Douthat's move to the Times seems to be that he's representing the social conservatism part of his Grand New Party vision more and more, and the more moderate economic views less and less. Of course, it's the mix of the two that makes GNPism politically attractive. Given the choice between debating a libertarian/nihilist party about what the top marginal tax rate should be, and debating Mike Huckabee over whether or not the public option should include reduced-priced condoms, I'll take the latter eight days of the week.

(Hat tip: Ursula, in further proof she is the best choice among all Possible Girls).

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