Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Sir Charles Said

This has been another edition of what Sir Charles said. Most people won't care if the health care bill is deficit neutral, or if it has a public option, or really any number of things. For most voters, the main issue with health care reform is that it has to not suck. And that means it has to be within the realm of affordability and providing insurance that's actually worth a darn. Which the current bill doesn't do, at all.

At this point, unless there's some magical set of revenue or spending offsets out there that I'm not aware of, I'm tempted to say we should eliminate the mandate, up Medicaid payments and cover everyone up to 200% of FPL, cover children up to 400% of FPL, and call of the day. Telling 25 million people they have to take out another substantial expense without getting much value for it isn't going to fly.

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janinsanfran said...

I'm with you -- and every time I get another campaign email asking for my support for the President's plan, I point out this thing will dig Democrats' graves if it fails to give people something that feels like more accessible, less hassled health care. What part of that do Dem politicians not understand?