Friday, January 9, 2009

Stimulating Waitresses With Obama's Package

If Obama's going to ask for everyone's advice on how to stimulate the economy, and if he's going to use tax cuts for a big chunk of the stimulus, why not lock up the waiter/waitress vote by making tips non-taxable in 2009? If the way to generate economic stimulus is to put more money in the hands of people who aren't making a lot, waiters and waitresses are good people to give our money to.


Punning Pundit said...

Of of my sisters is a waitress. She makes about US$50K/year.

I don't know how normal that is.

Michael Pereckas said...

Sounds like an example of one of those weirdly distorting tax loopholes. Shift to being paid nothing and trying to live off tips to dodge taxes. Probably not really the desired policy outcome. Wouldn't it be better for employees to be paid rather than tipped?

Anonymous said...

I doubt most waitresses make $50K. All of the ones I know work part-time and probably make less than $30K.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to "Tax Tips for Waiters, Waitresses and service industry workers".

Recommends daily record keeping, and working with a CPA.

This last would be comic if it weren't (for so many making so little) tragic.

Anonymous said...

Crud, let's try that again: