Friday, January 23, 2009

This Was Inevitable

There is now an entire blog dedicated to Matt Yglesias' typos.

This brings to mind what Matt told us during the Jennifer Palmieri brouhaha: "if someone was leaning over my shoulder there wouldn’t be all these typos." Cherish each incorrect homophone, for it is a sign of Matt's editorial independence.


Anonymous said...

only one blog? matt's typos are myriad, and i really like him for them. they show his mind racing and his fingers flying. and they show he has a bunch of other things to get to and so can't worry about catching every little error. i like all that. it's what blogging and commenting is about. and it is why all the blog spelling and grammar nitpicking commnetators are wrong, as well as bores. the best blogs are idea factories and conversations; transcriptions show that most of us talk not so grammatically; that's okay, we understand each other. as long as we retain standards for formal writing, and i have to and do in my job---a fact no one reading my inevitably sloppy comments, made between work and kids---would guess, i think we are okay. as long as the ideas are good, let a thousand typos bloom.

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Matt. We know it's you.