Saturday, April 25, 2009

Declan Power-Sunstein

We welcome young Declan Power-Sunstein into the world. As names go, that's pretty sweet -- I dig the Irish first name, and Power-Sunstein is probably in the top decile of hyphenated constructions. But I have to think that a fusion like Declan Powerstein would've been better.

And if you're willing to get a little funky, this is one of the few situations where someone can legitimately get a surname like "Sunpower." Sure, hippyish, but it probably gets Al Gore to babysit in hopes that the young lad will someday fulfill the prophesies embedded in our most sacred climate models, bringing balance to the atmosphere.


corvus said...

But then Al Gore will be felled in battle by the apprentice of the Soot Lord, and young Sunpower will grow up to lobby against cap and trade until he is struck down in a committee hearing Van Jones.

Daniel Ahkiam said...

Obviously we need to turn this perfectly plausible plot into some tangible fanfic, so when Declan googles himself one day decades from now he will be suitably weired out.

It's such a weird sort of famous to be a household name among bloggers.