Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ramesh Ponnuru Understands Laws

On torture-related issues, Ramesh Ponnuru shows that he hasn't entirely forgotten what laws and the judicial system are all about: "Surely the primary question is whether laws were broken; and if there is serious reason to believe that they were, then shouldn't there be a presumption in favor of investigation?" You see something like that at the house of madness that is The Corner, and it's like water in the desert, or eaves over the sidewalk during a cold rain.


Ursula said...

Ramesh Ponnuru thus boasts a better fundamental understanding of the issue than most of my classmates AND the professor of my Constitutional Law of Terrorism class. At the end of our last class, someone had to raise their hand and be all, 'Uh, isn't the law important here?' after a good half hour of people talking about how and when they would torture. Bob help us all.

John Rove said...

What school did you go to?That is really sad.

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