Friday, April 3, 2009

The Future of Voice Mail

It's not the end of voice mail; it's that the voice mail message will show up as an mp3 attachment in your Inbox, which will text your phone "voice mail message from 202-555-XYZW". At that point, you'll at least know who contacted you at which point you can call them back, ask what it is they wanted, and have them repeat what they already told you on their voice mail.

Of course, this is a totally ineffecient use of the world's time and we would be better off if (a) the default posture was for no one to leave voice mail, and (b) everyone therefore understood that someone leaving a message probably has something very important to ask/tell you, and thus (c) everyone listens to the relatively small number of voice mail messages they receive. Failing that, people should check their darn messages.

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SDM said...

the future of voicemail as spelled out in goofy rap: "the agreement."