Friday, May 15, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Cheney?

Steven Benen notes that Republican operatives are willing to say bad things about Dick Cheney, but only when they can hide behind the skirt of anonymity. I find this curious, since as best I can tell, Cheney doesn't have that much influence over the current Republican party. The major fundraisers probably have more attachment to Bush, Cantor, McConnell, McCain, etc., than they do to Dick. He's not going to run for office ever again. So why not throw him overboard?

(photo from phlezk of G.W.A.R. decapitating Dick Cheney)

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drip said...

Dick Cheney has created a one man reign of terror. The man has established an in terrorem aura for all of those who believe that torture, illegal spying, entrapment, falsehood, agents provocateur, eavesdropping, warrantless searches, kidnapping and the suspension of habeas corpus are appropriate tools of government. If you'd been supporting this stuff, wouldn't it make sense to you that he'd use it on his adversaries? Wouldn't you avoid being viewed as one? The whole bunch of them are cowards, first last and always. That was a little semi-snark. The real reason they won't throw him over is that they want to operate the government as he envisions it.