Friday, October 9, 2009


Capital Hill Blue, October 2: "Obama's Olympics failure will haunt him in future"

Bryan McAffee, October 2: "Rio Wins 2016 Olympics, Obama Loses Face"

Alex Spillius, October 2: "Olympics: Obama loses his golden touch"

Josh Kornfield, October 8: "President Obama, the national messiah and embodiment of change, fell from Olympus and lost his divine radiance."

Speaking of faces and gold and radiance and such, there's something you should see:


Hope said...

I think it is an interesting choice; I just wish it didn't feel so political. You know, a "Pblt to you, Bush!" And I sort of wish they had waited a year or two, to see if he really has made a wider difference.

Neil Sinhababu said...

As my next post says, I think it's time to embrace the political.

Hope said...

Ah, yes. I can see your point in that next post. But being in the midst of the Red South (isn't that ironic that they use Red for the Republicans...) I can only see it as causing more Obama-hating and nastiness. Sigh.