Saturday, January 9, 2010

Massachusetts People? Help Martha Coakley.

Public Policy Polling has Republican Scott Brown leading Democrat Martha Coakley 48-47 in Massachusetts. It's a special election to be held on January 19, so turnout is going to be much lower than usual. For the Republicans to win a Senate seat in Massachusetts would be a total catastrophe. Y'all in the Bay State need to be hauling cousins and colleagues to the polls. You can explain to them that since it's a special election and voter turnout will be low, their vote counts way more than usual.


dan said...

People who have seen ObamaCare don't like it.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Try again, Dan.

Poll Shows Strong Support for MA Health Reform Law

More than two-thirds of Massachusetts residents support two-year-old reform effort

Glenn Fayard said...

People who can't balance their fucking checkbooks are intimidated by ObamaCare and want a candy.

*fix'd it 4 u*