Friday, January 29, 2010

Shorter Obama @ House GOP Conference

Bobblespeak could have a field day with this stuff, but pretty much every question followed the same form. So as I did with House, M.D., let me try and reproduce the archetypal exchange between Barack Obama and House Republicans.

GOP Representative #1: We have ideas such as X, Y, and Z on issue 1. They will work! But it doesn't look like you've them, maybe it because Nancy Pelosi is a meanie and doesn't show them to you.

Obama: Well, I've seen them, and we incorporated X into bills we passed. But you still voted against those bills.

GOP Representative #2: With respect to issue #1, what about Y, Z, and W? They will work!

Obama: We looked at Y and Z, but you can't just say they'll work. I have to be able to go to outside to an independent expert who can tell me that they'll work. The debate has to be grounded in reality at some level. As for W, we just have a fundamental disagreement, and so far a bill that's not 100% of what the House GOP wants seems to be getting all no votes.

GOP Representative #3: What about Y and Z? They will work!

Obama: ...

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bend said...

link to your House one, please!