Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Parable Of The Sausage

People don't like to watch sausage being made. It's really gross and messy. But when you're done with it, there's lots of delicious sausage! And people like eating sausage.

The worst part of the sausage-making process has to be the part when you're almost done. You're all messy, people are hungry, and they're annoyed because you aren't making their favorite kind. It's annoying when people negatively evaluate your sausage at this point and try to take ingredients away from you.

But at this point, there are two ways to go. You can finish the sausage. Then some people will like it and some people won't, but even the people in the middle will give you credit for having made sausage. Or you can get disheartened and stop, with everything a bloody mess and no sausage to eat, and throw everything away. If you do this, nobody will ever let you make sausage again.


Pausanias said...

I hate it when people choose the cooks and the recipe that should make the sausage, and then these cooks turn around and decide that it'd be great to make this cooking event be a therapy session by involving some of the patients from the local mental institute. Then some people are surprised arsenic got smuggled in the damn sausage.

Lone Gunman said...

As a sausage maker, your parable hits home. Except what if you were trying to make sausage, and half the people in the room berated you the entire time for trying to destroy the country with your sausage, and the other half said they wouldn't eat it. You might just throw up your hands and say "fuck this, make your own fucking sausage."