Thursday, February 25, 2010

Harry Reid At 14

I didn't know this, but damn:
a young Reid had to cope with a pair of hard-drinking parents and a father who beat his mother until Reid was 14. The beatings stopped when Reid and his brother pinned their father down and demanded he stop.
The political context is that Harry Reid said that bad economic conditions are more likely to result in men beating their wives. This resulted in a bunch of of Republicans making disgusting jokes about how Reid might lose his job and beat his wife after November's elections. People who work on domestic violence have generally stood behind Reid's remarks.


Will Urquhart said...

Thanks for this, didn't see it anywhere else.

Anonymous said...

So what? A decent democrat isn't HONESTLY proud of Harry. Only an ideolog would be...

In 1945 my father was shipped away to boarding school in by his Mother to get him away from his father. She was enduring drunken beatings by her husband, an attorney who worked in the US Patent office. Pop never beat Mom or any of his 4 children.

The solution is twofold: don't let kids grow up and work for the govt & send kids from dysfunctional homes to good boarding schools so they don't grow up and become democrats.