Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do The Right Thing

The Atlantic's Chris Good flags a reason for Mike Bloomberg to be embarassed. From a DOJ press release:

In 2005, the Division filed suit against the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority for its policy forbidding employees from wearing religious head coverings with their uniforms, affecting Muslim and Sikh bus drivers, subway operators, and other employees who believe their head coverings are religiously mandated. The suit alleges that a stated no-hats policy has been applied inconsistently, with employees permitted to wear various secular hats and head coverings. We continue to vigorously litigate this case, and recently defeated the MTA's motion for summary judgment. ...

The DOJ lawsuit was filed six years ago. Even the US Army now allows Sikh's to wear turbans. How is this still in court today?


CreidS said...

See also:


Nick Beaudrot said...

Huh. Apparently MTA tried to offer "you can wear a turban, but you have to have an MTA insignia on it" as a compromise and he said no.