Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh Lord

One of the section headings in this Fortune Magazine piece on unpaid labor is "The challenges of hiring and managing modern day serfs." I've never been great at detecting irony, but the whole thing reads more as cheery and matter-of-fact than as sarcastically criticizing something unfair.


Janet said...

I was just reading the Metafilter comments on that. Intern slavery is seriously unethical, and extremely ubiquitous.

chris said...

The problem isn't that people have to pay to purchase a career. Its that they don't have to pay enough, and who they pay it to.

Max Kingsbury said...

I feel sad for bloggers sometimes when I fear they're working away for less than nothing in the hopes of eventually making money at it. I love to read the writing of those who just want to get their thoughts out, or educate others.