Tuesday, May 3, 2011

This Headline Ought to Inolve Hockey, or "Eh", or Tim Horton's Donuts, etc.

So, the Conservative party's share of the popular vote rocketed from 36.27% to 37.65, with all other parties and somehow Canada goes from a Conservative minority government to a Conservative majority government? That makes Bush v. Gore look like a triumph of democracy.

Anyway, I think the major lesson from yesterday's Candian election is that choosing an ex-pat as your party leader is a really bad move, something that I don't think applies in many cases. I'm not exactly sure how Michael Ignatieff managed to works is way to the top of the Liberal party, but whoever thought it was a bright idea to let him stay there ought to do themselves a favor quit politics altogether.


JR said...

Canada needs some sort of election reform. When 40% of the population get to decide policy for the rest, there is something wrong. If you go through riding by riding and combine the votes of just the liberals and ndp, the results are dramatically different: Lib/NDP 187 Cons 122. If you only look at races in which the Libs/NDP win by double digits, they still win a majority: Libs/NDP 158 Cons 147. Several years ago the Canadian right made the decision to unify their parties in an attempt to stop splitting their vote which allowed Jean Chretien three consecutive majority governments. The Liberals and NDP need to decide if their comfortable watching Stephen Harper lead the country for the next 12 years.

Ben said...

Seems to me that the great hope that can be gleaned from this election is that next time around it won't *matter* what leader the Liberals pick, because the NDP, which is miles better politically, have eclipsed them as the main opposition party.