Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Have Grant, Will Travel

I got some great news today -- my university out here in Singapore indicated that they want to give me a bigger travel grant than I requested, so that I can fly to more American universities this summer and give more talks! I can't imagine how today could get any more awesome unless, I don't know, the Bush Administration suddenly ended and a really smart black guy became president.

Oh hey, cool! Anyway, I'm looking for more universities to add to my itinerary. So if you're a philosopher, or know some philosophers who would be happy to have me give a talk defending utilitarianism or the Humean theory of motivation or some other view I want to write a paper about, let me know. I'm looking for more places to fly to. Slightly more info including my email address is available at my philosophy blog.


Nick Beaudrot said...

So are the University of Washington and/or Seattle University on your list? XD

Neil Sinhababu said...

I think Justin and Ariela may be very helpful in that regard :)

Anonymous said...

Define "summer", please. We're in session pretty late, but perhaps not late enough to qualify.