Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Only Way I Can Think Of To Describe This

"RNC pwn3d by Ron Paul Supporters". The pot legalization folks have nothing on these guys.

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corvus said...

Which is too bad, but a part of me is rooting for the Ron Paul freaks. At times, in the depths of the primaries, I considered whether, if the choices were Hillary or or Ron Paul, whether I might vote for Paul (never came to a decision, since it's such a silly what if, though I figure I would end up voting for our first female president, just because...I have two sisters, wrong side of history, really how could a person vote for McCain this year?).

What's weird is how many Ron Paul fanatics aren't really libertarians, but straight up hippies. Not left-wingers. Hippies. I have some Hippie friends, and they all love Ron Paul. They're also Truthers.