Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Hard Out There for An IMF Employee

Lots of sturm and drang about Tim Geithner's taxes. See Shakespeare's Sister and some bloviator John Cole found. To answer the bloviator's question, the deal Geithner is getting is not "don't pay taxes until you get nominated to be Secretary of the Treasury". The deal is "work for an international non-profit which has unusual withholding policies, have your accountant miss your tax liability, have the IRS miss the fact you still owe them money, then have the Transition Team's vetters figure out that you still owe some back taxes." There's no evidence that Geithner was trying to cheat the government out of any money; he just messed up. These things happen; it's why we have an IRS, people should just stop freaking out. Sheesh.
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