Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Endorse Pelosi Rule And This Graphic From A Conservative Blog

Anything that increases Nancy Pelosi's ability to dominate American politics makes me a happy man. So I liked this picture from KRyanJames at The Next Right that depicts her current position, especially as relates to the Blue Dogs:
If you're interested in seeing how Pelosi is consolidating power, the post itself is worth a read.

In any event, I'd guess that a more Speaker-controlled House is a good thing for the progressive movement in the long run, for the same reason that the filibuster is a problem for progressivism overall. The fewer places there are where big legislation can get caught in bottlenecks, the better it is for the people who want to pass big new social programs. That's why Europe, with its less bottlenecky political systems, has a much more generous welfare state than we do. Sure, we will complain about complained about iron-fisted majoritarianism when Republicans come to power DeLay was in charge. But alternation between iron-fisted Democratic Rule and iron-fisted Republican rule probably gets you farther to the left faster, just because well-designed universal social programs end up being very popular once they're in place. Even if you've got an iron fist, you touch that Third Rail and it's gonna kill you.
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