Friday, January 9, 2009

Throw Us In The Terri Schiavo Patch

To continue the great chain of lefty blog agreement about an obvious matter, Amanda and Scott and ThinkProgress are absolutely correct that trying to derail Obama's appointees by bringing up their role in the Terri Schaivo case is a strategy doomed to sweet, creamy, delicious failure. Sadly, it only looks like a bunch of cranks at the Traditional Values Coalition and similar outfits are pushing this line. I doubt the Senate Republican leadership would be quite this stupid, but we can hope.

Prior to Obama, there were two (and not many more than two) moments in my young political life when I was genuinely happy with the American people for not falling for a gigantic bullshit offensive that the Republican Party had gone all in on. First, there was the Clinton impeachment. Second, there was Terri Schaivo. If this sounds like a harsh judgment of America, well, we're the country that elected and re-elected Bush, and fell for any number of Republican gimmicks along the way to our current terrible situation. But America opposed the Republicans at the fullest moment of their power on the Terri Schaivo issue (63% saying her tube should be removed, and 70% saying that the Federal Government shouldn't intervene). I'd love to see what happens when the Republicans revisit this issue at their ebb.
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