Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Army Links War Or Car

I put up the last War or Car post two days ago. But as I was going through the referral logs today, I noticed that a few visitors had come from http://www4.army.mil/news/standto.html. At the bottom right hand corner, under "What's Being Said On Blogs", there's an item saying "Buy every U.S. Soldier who died in Iraq their own nuclear submarine."

Obama becomes commander-in-chief, and War or Car is linked by an official army website! It's a happy way for the blog to end.

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Anonymous said...

When War or Car first started, I read it and loved it, and was going to leave a comment, but I didn't have the necessary username. On my way to create one, I got sidetracked and never got back to it. So congrats on the site and on getting recognition from the Army (!)

I'm a wannabe scientist (ahem, grad student) and appreciate attempts to make sense of orders of magnitude. It's so easy for the human brain to forget how different a million dollars is from a billion or a trillion. Although somehow I suspect that the economic crisis may be helping a bit -- if you hear the phrase "$700 billion" enough, you eventually start to grok its magnitude.