Tuesday, December 2, 2008

People Who Should Not Be the Next Senator From Florida

Allen Boyd.

Boyd, you may recall, was the leader of the "Fainthearted Faction" that said nice things about George Bush's 2005 proposal to privatize Social Security, and, in fact, went so far as to lend his name to a bipartisan plan to Save Destroy Social Security. In the 109th Congress he was the tenth-most conservative Democrat, alongside Chet Edwards, Charlie Melancon, and the Bluest of Blue Dogs. In the 110th, he's been a bit better, but Florida was almost in line with the national average; a more or less Generic Democrat with one or two conservative tendencies really ought to be able to win the seat. Alex Sink is the only statewide elected Democrat, having won an open seat contest for CFO in 2006 53-46. She's almost certainly a better choice on both policy and political grounds.


Anonymous said...

It is worth reiterating the point that Sink is better on policy grounds; Florida is certainly a state where it is possible for a Democratic moderate (and maybe even a liberal) to win statewide office. If we're looking for more and better Democrats, then let's not go with an anti-Social Security Democrat (which almost sounds like an oxymoron, frankly).

Blue said...

Sink said no she wouldn't yesterday, but that was before Mel dropped out.