Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chelsea Clinton will be constitutionally eligible to be a Senator in February 2010. Why not cut to the chase, appoint a caretaker Senator, and have her run in two years?


Anonymous said...

If she'd be a good senator people certainly should vote for her. The "dynasty" argument is bullshit though.

Chelsea's last name does not make her qualified to be senator. However it doesn't make her unqualified either.

Caroline is not automatically qualified to be senator because she's a Kennedy, and she is not automatically unqualified just because other members of her family have served.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I think the trouble is, Mike, you take away the "Kennedy" from Caroline and the "Clinton" from Chelsea and the resulting person really doesn't look like a plausible Senate candidate.

low-tech cyclist said...

Well, she's plausible - just no more so than thousands of other New Yorkers.

If they appoint a caretaker and Caroline runs in 2010, then she'll have a good chance of winning the primary and the election, but at least it won't be a certainty. And if she has to run as a non-incumbent, then New Yorkers will get the opportunity to hear what she stands for, and decide whether they like it, before she's handed the job.

I'm a small-d democrat. The governor should appoint a caretaker, and Caroline can take her chances in 2010.

Anonymous said...

I'm with low-tech cyclist; mid-term vacancies should be filled with experienced legislators, let the celebrities run in the next election.