Thursday, December 11, 2008


Shorter pro-life movement forced pregancy lobby: de-fund PPFA so that you get pregnant.

Once again, the overwhelming majority of Planned Parenthood's budget is devoted to things other than abortion services. The idea low-cost contraception should be on the chopping block in an era of tight budgets is just crazy. Now that pro-choice politicians control the House, Senate, and White House, it's all but guaranteed that The Movement will spend a lot of time and energy working the county commissions and city councils of America to chip away at contraception and abortion access.


Anonymous said...

And this is why I find it difficult to take pro-lifers seriously. Sure, moderate pro-lifers might be amenable to solutions which emphasize the use of contraception, but the major pro-life organizations have consistently opposed measures - comprehensive sex education, the morning-after pill, condoms in schools - which have been proven to reduce pregnancies.

What's more, this is why I'm inclined to be dismissive of moderates looking to compromise with pro-life organizations. What's the use in compromising with groups and individuals who are opposed to organizations and methods which further their stated goals?

It is madness I tell you, madness.

Anonymous said...

I HATE Planned Parenthood. Public money should not go to organizations that are not only controversial, but that give false information and don't report rapes. Not to mention the law suits on unsafe abortions. I think if PP gets any money from the government it should specifically for contraception and STD testing/treatment.

Now that we have an extremely liberal administration moving in, it'll be quite fun to fight against funding for Planned Parenthood.