Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Bad Deal

Some business types are trying to put together a compromise on EFCA that keeps the penalties for trying to rig the elections, weakens the organizing rules on card check, and drops the mandatory arbitration provisions. I'm sure Sir Charles can provide more, but this is a raw deal; if you want to drop something, drop the card check stuff and fight to the death for arbitration. Your phone company, your car dealership, and your cable/sattelite provider love having mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts; if it's good enough for those deals, why shouldn't it be good enough for labor negotiations?


Michael J. Bernard said...

The Employee Free Choice Act should be called "The Employee Right For Intimidation" act!


Unknown said...


That's bullshit. There is already a ton of intimidation that goes on in the field and nearly all of it is from the employer side. Workers are routinely denied the right to organize by firings, captive audience meetings, retaliatory discipline, and selective rewards. I see very little concern expressed over these outrages to the rights of employees. Somehow it is only when unions may be able to organize that the delicate sensibilities of employees matter. What utterly transparent crap.


I would rather give up card check than mandatory arbitration. Getting a first contract is harder even than winning a representation election.

corvus said...

Chuck, maybe we shouldn't fight Michael's meme. There are more employees than employers, and these days, given the way things are going, I bet employees would like to intimidate their bosses!

chris said...

No, i think michael is referring to those thugs are trying to get me a raise and more vacation time. Leave me alone!

drip said...

little late to the party (what's new?) but this seems to indicte the EFCA is in trouble and Specter has made up his mind to win the Pennsylvania GOP primary.