Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Doctors Vs. Tanning Salons

The issue of the day pits the the Texas Dermatological Society against the Indoor Tanning Association: Should teenagers be prohibited from tanning unless they have a doctor's note?

My head sides with the dermatologists. In a modern technological society, we can't expect people to consider all the evidence on the wide variety of available technologies and correctly evaluate the risks. When I see disinterested doctors arguing, "That multiplies a teen's risk of squamous carcinoma by 3.6!" against a business lobby making personal freedom arguments in defense of their lucrative and frivolous service, my inclination is to side with the doctors.

Parts lower than my head emphatically agree, as I find milky-white skin quite pretty and regard tanning salons as places women go to become less attractive.


Anonymous said...

Wow I do wish I had some time to educate you on your decision. I'm a perfectly healthy 48 year old that has tanned once a week for 6 years now. My skin looks better then my age. I am not vitamin D deficient. My doctor is educated enough to support my tanning in a controlled environment. Where do you think the derms make their pocketbook? They make it from scare tactics that have 0 scientific evidence... yes I will agree a sunburn is BAD. Tanning, I would suggest you visit and listen to an impressive groups of Doctors that are making no money from scaring you into fabricated opinions and selective studies that were flawed.
Take care,
See you at the gym or salon if you can keep up with the health fo me!
Eileen :)

John B. said...

I'm not sure that the doctors are entirely disinterested since a doctor's note would probably require an office visit (or at least a record on file) and visits cost money.

That said, I don't see any point to tanning salons.

Anonymous said...

on the other hand, letting the people who want to use tanning salons use tanning salons makes it easier to tell who they are, yeah?

although I think your head is quite right.

Anonymous said...

They say everything in moderation for a reason, don't they?

Anonymous said...

I don't believe children and teens should be tanning unless they are adults, and if there parents let them, they are only contributing to brainwashing there child into todays mindset.