Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nice Work, White House Press Corps

The junior high school-level behavior of the DC press wasn't limited to being upset that Nico Pitney got to ask a question. In proof that the U.S. does not have a monopoly on thin-skinned journalists, the pearl-clutching that followed yesterday's press conference managed to generate negative press abroad. The headline to this article in the Chilean newspaper La Tercera, the second-largest newspaper in Chile, reads "U.S. Press criticizes photograph of Chilean journalists with Obama". The first paragraph translates as follows:
The American press reacted with surprise and a critical tone to a single photo-op Chilean journalists, accompanying [Chilean] President Michele Bachelet on her trip to the United States and Mexico, staged yesterday in the White House.
CNN, Fox News, and the WSJ are called out specifically. Many thanks to those august news organizations for giving our country a good name around the globe. Thankfully, Obama managed to say some nice things about our guests' fiscal management of their copper-generated surpluses, so at least someone was a gracious host.

(Photo of teenagers dancing "La Cueca", the official national dance of Chile, by yours truly)

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