Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pressing The Advantage

New polling shows really intense dislike of the Republican Party among Latinos, with 8% holding a positive opinion of the GOP while 86% have an unfavorable opinion. With Democrats, the numbers are 59% favorable, 28% unfavorable. This is, of course, a subsample which probably has a big margin of error, but even so the results are striking. I'm sure that the ridiculous attacks on Sotomayor from right-wing talk show host types are a big contributor to these sweet numbers.

This shouldn't make Democrats any less aggressive in pursuing Latino support in the short-term. If these numbers are right, lots of Latinos are listening to Democratic voices (or at least, voices critical of Republicans) with a newly sympathetic ear. They'll be more ready to absorb new criticisms of the Republican Party now in a way they weren't before, and it's a window of opportunity that can be used to deepen Democratic support and spread the good word about core Democratic positions.

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