Friday, September 18, 2009

No Subtext Here. Nope, None Whatsoever

There are lots of crackpots in the Republican Party. But you don't see aides dishing backbiting quotes in The Politico trashing any of them. Mr. Steve King doesn't get this treatment. Nor do the various cranks from Georgia or Texas, Mr. Tom m Price, Mr. Paul Broun, Mr. Lynn Westmoreland, Mr. Jack Kingston, Mr. Louie Gohmert, etc., despite the fact they've all said a number of equally boneheaded things. But Ms Michelle Bachmann is apparently subjected to a different standard.

It's true, there's something different about Michelle Bachmann's crankery. I wonder what that could be.


Dara said...

In fairness, I don't think the other cranks you mention have ever asserted with total confidence that Cuba is drilling for oil in American waters. It's not just that Bachmann was a crank before crank was cool (though that is also true), but that her paranoia seems to run way deeper than mere "Democrats=fascists" fearmongering.

Nick Beaudrot said...

I think the other factor is that Bachmann makes much more of an effort to get herself on cable TV.

But a lot of these dudes says some really crank things. At least one other member of Congress. I mean, if you just leave on C-SPAN's house coverage for a couple of days one of them will say something completely and utterly ungrounded in reality.

I guess a lot of the crankery is related to immigration, so that sort of gets a pass, while Bachmann is really an all-purpose wingnut.

Ramar said...

Bachmann's pretty crazy, but even she hasn't said anything quite this crazy:

I think Nicholas may have a point here.

Kanta said...

The American Left has been looking for a suitable Congressional target to pile all their frustrations with the Republican party on since Jesse Helms retired. Rick Santorum served in this purpose for a while, but retired, so now Bachmann has assumed the mantle. It doesn't have to do with whether she's the craziest or the most odious, it's a combination of craziness, visibility and dumb luck. That's how it goes.

Unknown said...

Rick Santorum served in this purpose for a while, but retired, so now Bachmann has assumed the mantle.

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