Tuesday, April 6, 2010

God Looks Baked

The folks at Firedoglake are taking contributions to support marijuana legalization. Good for them! Though after the health care debate, I want to make sure they're willing to support proposals that leave out the cocaine option.

Polling results on marijuana legalization have gotten more favorable in recent years, as the chart of Gallup polls at right shows. ABC News found similar results, with support for legalization rising from 22% in 1997 to 39% in 2002 to 46% this year.

I've heard a lot of people express concern that this could give rise to a heavily commercialized pot industry with glitzy advertising that tries to lure kids into underage pot use. With prudent regulation to prevent the formation of pot companies, I'd hope that such a situation can be avoided. Mark Kleiman's ideas about how to do this kind of thing sound good to me.


corvus said...

Oh, heaven forbid we have large companies selling an unhealthy, addictive product producing advertising aimed at children!

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, I think the idea is to not have another of those.