Friday, April 2, 2010

Martyrdom: Fun For The Whole Terrorist Family

Killing violent Islamic militants can be more trouble than it's worth if it radicalizes the militants' friends and family enough that it creates more terrorist danger than it eliminates. Obviously the woman in the picture wasn't exactly at square one of the radicalization game before her husband was killed. But it took her from where you and the boy are putting up Facebook profile pics that get 17 likes and 12 giggly comments from the other militant girls to where you're part of a coordinated suicide bombing that kills 40 people.

Religious authorities that can promise a happy afterlife do the obvious work in accelerating the process:

Alexander Ignatenko, head of the independent Moscow-based Institute for Religion and Politics, said Islamic militants persuade "black widows" that a suicide bombing will reunite them with their dead relatives beyond the grave.

"They go on a mission fully confident that they will meet with their loved ones," said Ignatenko, who has studied the Islamic insurgency in the Caucasus.

The daily Moskovsky Komsomolets said that a burned shred of a letter in Arabic found on Abdurakhmanova's body promised a "meeting in Heaven." It was unclear who wrote the letter.

The article ends with a reminder that attempts to aggressively pursue people who are assisting terrorists can be abused, especially in a country like Russia where there are fewer social and legal checks on rampant authoritarianism.
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