Monday, February 21, 2011

The NFL Lockout

There's some chance that there won't be any professional football next season, with NFL owners locking out players unless they agree to restructuring of their contracts that will give more money to owners.

Here I'm solidly with the players' union. Yes, their annual salaries are really high, especially at the top end. But these guys are doing a very dangerous job that requires a lot of training, and which most of them will only be able to perform for a few years. Once they leave the league, some of them will be able to parlay their fame into another good-paying job, but many won't, and if recent trends continue, some of them will end up with terrible brain injuries. They're taking their amazingly athletic bodies and subjecting them to ridiculous punishment for our amusement. There's causes that I'll get more excited about, like the situation of ordinary union people in Wisconsin, but I hope the players win.

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