Monday, February 21, 2011

Singapore Skyline

Yglesias: "I know that many people like the look and feel of a city with no skyscrapers. But DC has both a lot of problems and a fair amount of extremely valuable land. Failing to use the land efficiently is extremely costly and makes it much harder for us to solve our problems."

Instead of conceding to people's anti-skyscraperness and making sensible public policy arguments, I'll inspire your skyscraper love by showing you our new awesome building in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands.
Yes! It's three 57-story towers with a boat on top. (As far as I know, the boat can't actually detach and sail around, though one of my colleagues hypothesized that it was an escape vehicle for extreme climate change scenarios where ocean levels rise.) It includes a resort, casino, and at the top, an infinity pool. What's an infinity pool, you ask? This:
Want to see one more picture? Sure you do! Taken by this guy from the boat -- click for a larger view:
Okay, so maybe there are some people who genuinely don't want to live in this glistening hyper-urban world. But lots of them may just think they don't want skyscrapers because they don't realize how awesome they can be.


Toast said...

After the suspension bridge, the skyscraper is the most awe-inspiring of humanity's structures. To be against them is to be against beauty.

Also, the Marina Bay Sands looks like you had a bunch of skyscrapers standing around and one of them decided to go body surfing.

CreidS said...

That last photo looks like NeoTokyo . . .

Benjamin Rider said...

That's cool!