Monday, February 28, 2011

You Need One More

I found this bit of Libyan government propaganda kind of unimpressive:
In Tripoli, a government spokesman blamed the West and Islamic militants for the upheaval, saying they had hijacked and escalated what he said began as "genuine" but small protests demanding "legitimate and much needed political improvements."

"On one hand, Islamists love to see chaos ... this is paradise for them," he said. "The West wants chaos to give them reason to intervene militarily to control the oil."

"The Islamists want Libya to be their Afghanistan ... to complete their crescent of terror," he said. "This is not the first time the Islamic militants and the west find common cause."
If you're the Libyan government, what you should do under these conditions is claim that the West, the Islamists, and one more group -- I don't know, maybe Kenya -- comprise an Axis of Evil.

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