Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Once You Go Singapore, You Won't Hate Big Buildings No More

As you know, I'm with Ryan Avent on how there should be more people living in tall buildings. But unlike him, I don't give arguments for this conclusion. I just post pretty pictures of Singapore! For our new readers, there's a previous installment of this Donkeylicious blog feature here, including the Marina Bay Sands, the triple skyscraper with a boat on top.

First, this smooth-looking structure is The Sail, where my colleague Ben Blumson and his wife live on the 31st floor. The left tower is 63 stories, the right tower is 70. I go to Ben's place on National Day and look down at the fireworks.
Do you want to see a Marina Bay Sands infinity pool photo? Of course you do!
And finally, one of Singapore at dusk:

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Nick Beaudrot said...

The infinity pool mostly gives me vertigo. Even more on top of a 70 story building