Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Nancy Please

Nancy Pelosi is soon to announce whether she'll be staying on as House Democratic Leader. I think she's very likely to continue. Anonymous Senior Democrat is quoted as saying, “She doesn’t want to do anything else. Is she going to back to her vineyard and raise grapes?” Sounds right to me -- she has a lot of passion for her job, to the point that I'm a little surprised when questions about this arise every two years or so.

And as all of you would expect, I hope she stays on. Minority Leaders have much less power than Speakers, but there's an important role for her to play in the upcoming session. Lots of people are talking about Grand Bargains that may be hostile to progressive interests, and which might divide the Republican caucus. That'll create a need for Democratic votes, which a more centrist leader might be too ready to provide. Eight years ago when Pelosi ascended to the leadership, she blocked Social Security Privatization from even getting through the House. With her leading Democrats, I'm confident that bad stuff won't get through. 
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