Thursday, November 29, 2012

You Come At The Senate Minority Leader, You Best Not Miss

Omar Little would react negatively to procedural reforms
that only partially curtailed his power.
Continuing on the subject of Senate procedural reform, it's worth pointing out that the structure of the institution leaves Harry Reid very little middle ground tactically. To repeat, as a norms-driven body with a plethora of available delaying tactics available to a determined minority, any attempt to curtail minority power that is deemed inappropriate by the minority will be met with maximum possible intransigence. So either Reid can come up with a set of reforms that Mitch McConnell considers acceptable and will not result in vigorous resistance, or he goes all the way and effectively shuts out the minority entirely.

I suppose there is some scenario wherin McConnell offers brief resistance, then knuckles under as public opinion mounts against Congressional Republicans. But this goes against everything that Congressional Republicans have done for the past four years.
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