Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Byron York On Blagojevich And Obama

I'm happy to see the progress that right-wingers have made since the Clinton era. To wit, Byron York's article on how the Blagojevich scandal could be trouble for Obama:
We don’t know the extent of the investigation into Blagojevich’s allegedly corrupt dealings. Have witnesses been brought before a grand jury? We don’t know. If so, who are they? We don’t know. What witnesses have been interviewed by FBI agents working for Fitzgerald? We don’t know. Do Fitzgerald and his investigators have any doubts about the truthfulness of those who have talked? We don’t know.

But we do know that something big is going on.
Back in the old days when people in the conservative movement didn't have any evidence that a Democratic President had done anything wrong, they'd accuse the First Lady of murder. These days, they come out and acknowledge that they don't have any evidence around which to base their articles. Maybe if I eat healthy foods and exercise regularly, I'll live long enough to see them make a useful contribution to the public discourse.
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