Monday, December 15, 2008


Sir Charles lays into Bob Corker, and deservedly so, but seems to be focusing too much on the abstraction that is Corker's shameless attempt to destroy the American economy. What we really need is something that gets people at the gut level. You see, what people really need to understand is that Bob Corker wants to make sure you can never buy another Chevy Silverado, and he wants the guy who makes your Chevy Silverado to make less money, to the point where he might as well go make Toyota Tacoma's. That's a campaign message we can believe in. I know Phil Bredesen is a member in good standing of the Wanker Caucus, but maybe we can convince Tim McGraw to run for Senate in a few years.

(Photo by Flickr user Jacob El Charro used under the Creative Commons license)


Unknown said...

Solid as a rck there Nick.

Unknown said...

That would be "rock." Like a minor league Yglesias.