Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama's Asians

Yglesias notes that the Obama Cabinet will consist of no Jews, though several of God's Chosen People are in high-level staff posts. It does, however, have two Asians. While my sense of tribal identification is much more with xkcd-reading, RPG-playing, Buffy-musical-singing geeks than with people of my race, insofar as it's racial it somewhat includes East Asians as well. (Which has odd consequences for my romantic life -- I think of Asian women as too much like me for any serious heat to develop, while white women from small towns in red states are fascinating people from a mysterious and exotic culture.)

But anyway. Eric Shinseki is a bit of an unusual figure as Asian-Americans go --most of us didn't achieve prominence by rising through the military, though I suppose it fits our stereotype that his greatest moment involved doing the math and sticking to the right numbers when everybody else around him was being a macho idiot. Steven Chu, however, is much more of the type that Asian parents are going to be telling their kids to emulate. His role as Energy Secretary makes me feel unusually represented.
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