Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caroline Kennedy, Human ATM

I still don't think I support naming Caroline Kennedy to the vacant New York Senate Seat, but Ezra has some pretty impressive arguments. Of course, I haven't had DC Senate Vision® installed and I can't tell you whether she'll be able to commandeer the political capital of her ailing uncle and use it for TedKennedyesque liberal ends.

But the realist in me (98% of me by volume) is impressed by her fundraising chops. Apparently she went out and raised $50 million for the NY public schools. And she strikes me as the sort of person who would be able to go and wring millions of dollars out of rich people that could then be transferred to Democratic Senate candidates who really need it. If the system requires our Senators to spend several hours a day dialing for dollars, why not have some of our safe-seat Democrats from cash-cow states just be fundraisers? She can leave the policy design to other people and just be a human ATM and sometimes a pretty face to go on TV.
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