Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Orton For Congress

While we're on a football/celebrity candidates note here, I'm hoping that Kyle Orton and the Chicago Bears make the playoffs this year (and I'm a Dolphins guy). Orton's father was Iowa's labor commissioner, and he raised a good Democrat:

Orton said that his beliefs and work ethic came from his father, who he said showed through work like enforcing child labor laws and minimum wage requirements that everyone deserves a voice.

''The biggest influence he had on my beliefs is that there are people working hard every single day that don't necessarily make a lot of money doing it,'' Orton said. ''There should be more people working for them.'

Orton would like to enter politics after he finishes with football, and I'm happy to have sports stars on the Democratic bench, especially if they're the sort who go around to Chicago schools to tell the kids about environmentalism and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Unfortunately, his hometown of Altoona, Iowa is already in a good Democratic Congressional district, so he may not give us maximal advantage. Maybe he could run in Indiana where he went to college.
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