Monday, December 1, 2008

Words That Deserve To Be Banned In 2009

Since it's December, we've reached the point in the year where it's acceptable to make end-of-year lists. Watching the introduction of Barack Obama's security team, I observe that potential DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano referred to America as "the Homeland", a word which did not exist in the vernacular prior to 9/11. It really sounds too close to "Fatherland" for my tastes. Let's get rid of it. And while we're at it, how about these as well:

  • "Thrown under the bus", which is what you're supposed to do when someone goes off message.
  • "Body Language", a phrase used by pundits to assess what public figures "really" mean, without any evidence that their conjectures are accurate.

Add your phrases you could do without hearing in the next year to the comments.

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