Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Farce In Three Acts

Apart from the fact that it's unkind to the Wench at the beginning, who in real life was admirably circumspect, this Shakespearean retelling of the Gates/Crowley incident is hilarious. Wait till you meet the Fool.


Petey said...

It is quite funny.

The one thing I'd change is to put the Act 2 conversation before the press conference, not after.

I'm the only person on Earth who thinks the attention grabbing nature of the press conference remarks on Gates was utterly planned, and not a gaffe.

The press conference remarks turned a week that would have been a festival of "Obama failing on healthcare" into a week of "Obama walks the nation through racial reconciliation". Everything I know about Axelrod's M.O. tells me that was planned.

Lynn Sweet has claimed otherwise, but I'd bet the farm that the WH knew in advance the topic of her question and planned to end the press conference that way precisely so they could generate a media firestorm to distract attention away from the unpleasant status of the legislative process on healthcare.

If you watch a replay of the press conference, you can see Obama start to call on Sweet on the question before, realize there is too much time left for it to be the last question, and then call on someone else so he can come back to her for the finale.


Also, if Biden actually runs in '16, I'm voting for Palin as a protest vote.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I actually wondered about the Gates remarks myself, much along the lines you do.

Petey, if a situation ever develops where you might actually vote for Sarah Palin, I'm going to talk you into writing in John Edwards.