Saturday, August 15, 2009

Feeling Better About The World

I'm going to save posts on the content of Netroots Nation for later, since more people will read them on a weekday, and, importantly, more bloggers will read (and link to) them after Netroots Nation is over—can you tell I went to a panel with suggestions on effective blog writing?—but some assorted thoughts on the mood here.

I came to Netroots Nation feeling a fair bit of the burn out, seriously considering getting out of The Game. Not just blogging, but everything (I run the local Drinking Liberally chapter and end up doing a bit of local activism). Day One wasn't helping. And while this year has been a much more subdued conference than last year, for a wide variety of reasons, I'm leaving with a little more desire to get something done. Partly this is because the panels I was at this year were less about changing the world and more about modest ways to integrate your blog into the wider blogosphere, the wider blogosphere into the wider progressive moment, and so forth.

One of the upshots of the weekend, though, is that niche blogging is in (see Laura at 11D on this and other subject). So if I can find the discipline, my portion of the blog will become less general purpose and more statistical and analytical.

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Neil Sinhababu said...

I'm a fan of "more statistical and analytical." Just don't let it make you blog less about other things!