Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Track Down Your Blogger at Netroots Nation

If you're at Netroots Nation, and you feel like trying to track down you intrepid blogger, you're most likely to find me at one of these places. Also, if anyone knows a place in Pittsburgh where I can rent professional camera gear (I could use a high speed telephoto -- f/2.8 or higher).

  • 9am Howard Dean holds the floor.
  • 1:30pm probably local blogging, but maybe the panel on Global Poverty.
  • 3pm Kleiman, Grim, and others on the future of drug policy. But -- oh no! -- it's up against the future of constitutional law.I'll probably go with the drug policy one, since it's (a) closer to a point where it affects real people, and (b) my girlfriend fiancee follows constitutional law pretty closely, so that's more likely to be material I've already seen before.
  • 4:30pm toss-up between two similar looking "how to elect candidates who don't suck". Not terribly interested, but I can't seem to find much else either.
Anything I'm missing?


Ursula said...

What? GO TO THE CON LAW PANEL. Also, no picking up those slatternly feminists.

Nick Beaudrot said...

I hate to do this to you but I think I'm going to the drug policy panel. I know Mark Kleiman and Ryan Grim better than the Con Law people, I like things that are closer to the ground level than discussions of long-term SCOTUS stuff, &c.

And I believe I made it pretty clear there won't be any sort of picking up going on. Haven't you been reading Amanda's series on the misogyny of pick-up artists? Should we forward them to Donald?

Neil Sinhababu said...

I think we should distinguish between (1) picking up, (2) picking up when done by artists, and (3) pickup artists. During my trip through the Western world I engaged in (1) and was quite happily the object of (2), but I still am horrified by (3).

Nick Beaudrot said...

Well there's also (4) being on the prowl. You know, like sleazy guys who go to gay bars that have become places where straight women go because there are fewer sleazy guys. Or guys who would follow Chris Rock's advice about going to a Pro-choice rally to get girls. You don't have to be a pick-up "artist", or take advice from said artists, to be in this category. But it's still pretty douchetastic.