Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life After Kennedy

Chris Bowers has a few pieces of good news. With Chris Dodd going over to chair Banking and Tom Harkin holding onto his Agriculture gavel, the next available person in line to run the HELP Committee would be Barbara Mikulski. My understanding is that Mikulski is a solid liberal who will manage things in an effective fashion, so that sounds nice. (I don't know exactly how this picture was taken, but on a Mikulski+furries note, this one with a turtle is pretty good too.)

Chris links to TomP, who says that plans for appointing a successor are moving forward. A bill to give the governor temporary appointing power will be considered on Sept. 17, and a special election for a more permanent replacement will be held in January. Some people want Michael Dukakis as the temporary Senator, which I think would be sweet.

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