Friday, March 19, 2010

In Which Someone Other Than Neil Sinhababu Praises Nancy Pelosi

TPM reports that Allen Boyd has flipped to a yes vote. For those of you keeping score, Boyd was the most conservative House Democrat from 2005-2006. He supported Bush's Social Security privatization plan. His district includes much of the "Redneck Riviera" that was one of the few non-Appalachian regions of the country that shifted significantly to McCain in 2008. If he can vote for this bill, any moderate not named Walt Minnick can vote for this bill. Either he's knows he's going to lose and figures he should be on the right side of history, or—horror of horrors—he thinks that voting for a bill that delivers benefit to his constituents might increase his chances in a close campaign.

Once again, I have to believe that the Leadership can afford to lose one vote from the left, considering that the minimum winning coalition involves having thirty-five Democrats vote against this thing.


ikl said...

This might have something to do with the primary challange against him. Just a guess.

Chris Meyer said...

Yeah, and it's a strong primary challenge too; it's from the senate minority leader. I'd say we owe more thanks to Al Lawson than Nancy Pelosi for that one.